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So….TEAM. What are WE going to produce around Juliana’s qualification and client game? SHE has upped the ante per B & T’s stands. SHE has put AC on the line and we have declared our alignment or enrollment to varying degrees around varying aspects of the vision.

I have three questions for us:

  • Is anyone NOT enrolled in JuSih’s leadership and vision for her business?
  • Is anyone NOT enrolled in playing full out, standing for her to bring it, call us forth, and claim her stake on this team once and for all? This would have us UP UNDER HER THROUGH TUESDAY. This has us responding to her requests and supporting her in ways she asks for – and ways she doesn’t.
  • Is anyone NOT willing to align on the impact of no new clients being that she is off the team? If not, what will you bring to Juliana and team. I am willing to align. It has me scared and sad to imagine. AND moreso, it has me going about my day being with Juliana – present to her playing powerfully, daring to ask her stuff I haven’t yet – looking with her. I am aligned because I have it it will bring out the possibility of this team. If we are willing.

Team, what say WE?

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