Reply To: WINS

 Tiffany Turner

I’ve been trying to get pregnant for 6 months and now I am, so that’s a pretty amazing win. And the month that I got pregnant, there was an ontological shift in Letting Go. I didn’t take my temp, I didn’t track my ovulation. So releasing my controls got to be part of the win 🙂

I also just got home from a workshop I led at a shared workspace in Oakland. I was originally scheduled in June or July of last year. There was a volunteer running the Skill Share program, which is what I was signed up to lead. There was mishap after mishap in the scheduling, and I just finally delivered. There were 2 participants, and they both requested that I do another skill share, and they both requested sample sessions.

In other win related news, I’m like, 1/3 complete about how business has gone for me! WAHOO! I’m doing 29 questions, and there’s some deep threads that are showing up, and in seeing those I feel more clear what there is to take on to create what’s next. I don’t know that I’ve been in consistent proactive action like this in a long time. (and to be clear, I intend to do the full 29 questions, I just ran out of allotted time this morning!)

Who else has some wins?

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