Reply To: My AC Future

 Tiffany Turner

Jeff!!! So cool! I want to hear more about your experience of these conversations and being stood for!

I’m so willing to reinvent our relationships everywhere, and I hold that we are in process of doing that on team. Will you lean in here?

This post has me realize how stingy LKT and I are being about how amazing our relationship is and how many breakthroughs we’ve had. We reinvent on repeat. We stand on repeat. We take each other out from a transformed place, on repeat. And we love each other more and more deeply, on repeat.

I share this to say that I know that same stand and love is available for all of us. This next bit isn’t very transformed, so please forgive me, WHERE ARE YOU MIKE, CHARLIE, SABS, JULIANA, JEFF?

I notice that I’m in consistent relationship with LKT, Britt, and Nichole, and so those are the three relationships where reinvention is happening on repeat. With the rest of team, it’s not there. What can you see about who I’m being to you, that’s limiting us from reinventing on repeat? Who are you being to me that’s limiting us?

In this conversation, I can own that I’m holding on Mike, Charlie, Sabs, Juliana, and Jeff that you don’t show up in our relationship to have the breakthrough happen, and I’m sure that’s made up from interpretation, so I promise to let that go, it doesn’t serve any of us, and to show up to all of you from a place of commitment for breakthroughs.

I love you allllllllll!

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