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 Brittany Cotton

Thanks all! And to LKT- yes! Everything you said.

T- I love what you brought around Nancy being even more at effect now, and it sounds like you are at effect of the hour, or your participants way of being around money. First, remember that while they wear multiple hats with each other, we wear multiple hats with them as well. Yes we are their coach, but we are also their main access point to their AC commitment. Which means we are in relationship with them from customer service as well. And for us to show up from that place, they also have to pay. Think of a personal client. They don’t pay you, they don’t have a coach. So consider that the money conversation isn’t your agenda, its actually the agreement in the partnership. They agreed to pay, and in turn they will get all the program has to offer, including their coach. Them paying is very much part of the partnership. AND even better that its access to breaking up all their stuff around money.

Next, you might enroll them in 10/15 min of each call being around their payment, just like each call we do VMA, check in on past practices, etc. So if their request isn’t around payment, its an agreement that 10 minutes will go to that discussion. And is complete when the 10 minutes are up, regardless of how it went. That way we are constantly in the convo with them, and there aren’t surprises. (Consider it would be a breakthrough for someone to post on our forum 2 weeks, or 1 week out: I don’t think X is likely to pay on time).

Our job is to get out ahead of it, that doesn’t mean write the check for them, but be in the conversation so come the first our team doesn’t get an email and is shocked to see over half of our program isn’t paid. And no one said anything about that happening on co-coaching.

Also, consider that most coaching conversations are connecting to peoples relationships with money in one way or anything, even if the content isn’t money. Just like how a context will come up and we say, where else does this show up? If we see it, we get to reflect: and how does this impact your relationship with money?

All that being said: what are everyone’s updates? I surmise my experience is similar to yours with your clients, where you are chasing them to know whats so with the money convo. This is where we can break that up. The request is that when someone is unpaid there is daily updates and communications. Even if its simply “Lesa’s declaration is Friday, she’s empowered”. Remember we are the clearing for the peeps. If we make declarations and then aren’t at cause around them, and then they come and go, they will do that too. So please, if your person is unpaid, update us, even if its “I don’t think it will happen and I need support.”

I see this as a place for us really create it going different. Who else sees how we can show up different to support them in creating breakthroughs??

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