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Ok so I see I – and we – can leverage AC as a structure differently or more. Through enrollment. By having big circumstances and daring to experience them all. By desiring an expansive and beautiful life and asking team to get enrolled in something I call myself forth. (and not just me, right, read for yourselves 😉 )
Ya’ll don’t actually need me to say qualified or get past my 90 days, but you standing for me is also you standing for you and the planet, because while the specific words in my vision for humanity’s empowerment by supporting the mothers may not be the same as the ones you write in yours, but my vision is a part of the world you envision – giving voice to the voiceless, world peace, allowing joy, empowered families, eradicating toxic masculinity, our media outlets reflecting more humanity not just drama as reality, full creative expression, etc. and infinity and beyond.
How does this benefit me staying qualified, getting past my 90 days with not simply “getting past” but kicking fucking ass?
So I don’t think I’m afraid to create a thriving business in and of itself, I am truly terrified of being so powerful at home that me being big in business would be a no brainer? Fully owning and living that Mothers Can Be Fierce. This has me leaning into the structures – with your stand – that will allow me to sufficiently nurture my marriage and my kids lives so I can breakdown the sacrifice context
I intend to reach my 90 days (March 27th) having been hired 2 more times. I can totally do that AND, it’s not predictable from the old way, which is to say “Ok I’m “good” now, I can relax, focus on me, my family, my marriage and just do the minimum in my biz until it’s urgent again” <—I know what that SM driven biz strategy produces. We all do. I intend to reach my 90 days ready for LiT. That means Jeremy enrolled in my LiT, that means structures and experiences a few steps above where I’ve been. I’m on the way – and I’m not there yet, but I have it this is the way. Thanks for being with me.
How does this generate San Diego’s breakthroughs?:
My experience of the SD city team already is that we have baked into our teams a commitment to being “San Diego AND”. It’s who we Be. Our perspective of Accomplishment Coaching is not just San Diego. We play on at least 2 registration teams. We live all over the country and world-wide travel is an expression of our work and our being in the WORLD. I got my Masters degree in International Education and the degree has an in-bound and an outward bound focus. Graduates pursuing careers in outbound International Ed. focus on getting an experience of the world by leaving their home country and the inbound track prioritized diversifying and internationalizing their home communities by facilitating participation from other cultures and countries. That is AC San Diego. Look at our city:
Leaders – past and present:
Kerry. Money and You. Japan, Australia, etc. On the regular. Bringer of AC to Malaysia. Globe trotter. Mother to global citizens.
CDM: San Diego native who is CEO of a company in 5 US cities and 2 countries.
Britt: Has lived and studied abroad, built her home, career, and leadership dev as a San Diego transplant creating the life of her dreams.
Jeff, KFS, Margolin, Cailin: Sprinkle possibility seeds to and from LA and to and from the East Coast as they travel for the AC program and their businesses.
Sabs: NC southern girl gone joy generator in SLO and everywhere in between.
JuSih: Portuguese speaker, former LA resident, (I think you grew up in TX right?), moved her life to SFO in service of her heart, her dream life and future family.
Charlie: Your employees are your family. You love across linguistic and cultural boundaries as a way of life.
Nichole: Your business is global. Sash sisters walk the earth better because of your design creations. You experience the world as your oyster.
T.: Multicultural maven. Globe trotter. This leader befriends every human regardless of status and her cultural exposure is mutidimentional in that your love transcends national, regional, religious, linguistic, business, tech, and personal identity cultures.
Mike: That you would choose a side hustle that has you in contact with humans of EVERY walk of life via Uber and Lyft is no surprise.
Melanie: Her home is where her heart is. And she takes her heart everywhere!
Me: Built my relationship to Jeremy while living in Spain while he was getting his MBA in NYC and London. Former career took me to 12+ countries on 5 continents. I bring NY to CA every other month and am raising kids who will know the world as their home.
Emily Juricek built the first SDI program while also leading in NYC as a part of her leadership development.
Cat Wood played on SDI and a DC team, is a former peace corps volunteer building her current biz via international retreats.
Sarah Langslow traveled from London for 2 years in support of her biz and leadership.
^^^This is just a snapshot. Our participants are this diverse and rich and more. Please add what you see that aligns with our city being home to leaders committed to bringing this work around the world.
I share all of this because I don’t know how present this team or our city truly is to the breadth and depth of our global citizenship. It is completely in line with our commitment and who we are in the world and in the company to bring in leaders from elsewhere to enrich and be enriched by our muticultural flavors of leadership.
How does this generate our team breakthroughs?
At the very least, our reaching out to bring in a seasoned LiT to partner with our team and AC-SD would bring more exposure to what we’re up to and to our commitment. This is the first year the company now offers TWO Intensive programs, and our future intensive reg games would benefit from more leaders with some exposure to the intensive module. My vision is for the LiT who fills in for me use the opportunity to leverage their next promotion, that Brittany and Kerry leverage this person’s presence with us to cause Brittany’s next promotion, and that every one of us leverage their being here to cause our next breakthrough.
Me in Thriving where my business, my marriage and my mothering are in line with the vision I see for humanity.
Britt in Partnership and allowing the kind of support that will allow her to FLY and reach every possible height she desires and speaks into being.
Jeff in Intimacy and producing businesses and relationships so rich that separate and alone and DIY are fully bankrupt.
Juliana in Authenticity and integrating play with power and back it up with the being and voice that would have us burning (the good way) with possibility!
T in Support & Integrating her Body-Brain. T wants the business that integrates with her vision for parenting with a village. She wants a relationship to her body as intricate and dynamic as her body itself.
Sabrina in Being in Community the way that would have her enroll every Jim Carrey and Jim Carrey wanna be in doing some business together while she loves herself so profoundly.
Nichole in Having It All whether she gives or receives. Where her love explodes and floods the universe. Where no one competes for her time and her attention is impossible to divide because she has expanded so divinely.
Mike in Connection & Playing full out in such a way that he celebrates and creates in community and gathers the resources to support the massive love he sees to share with the world.
Charlie in Action from Possibility. Where he gets so busy Being in Action that no one notices if he’s in work boots or Cole Haan. Because the shoes that Lilian’s babies’ babies will fill are grand and dynamic and he trusts his legacy is intact.
Kerry in Source – as curator of futures and divine Mother of possibility. Where her programs produce leaders in the world as loving and kind as the human babies she has already graced the planet with. That her legacy be anchored by our willingness to become what we see and say to.
 So I will bring to my enrollment a request that this person play an intentional mentor role for us allllll to leverage our leadership breakthroughs.
How will this generate AC’s breakthroughs?: I have it AC is committed to being the possibility AND the pathway to putting empowered leaders and powerful coaches out into the world. With the LDP launch I have it AC is also launching a commitment to not only unleashing the greatness of humanity, but sufficiently supporting it into being. Me stepping into LiT having been uber supported by team to create a life that works will have me bringing a level of leadership that carries no struggle, pendulum swings, breakdowns, poor me-ness. More next level leaders for ALL.
A couple of Qs:
So who is dripping with enrollment now? What are you enrolled in and how can I support that thoroughly?
Who on this team will speak to their experience of having a leader whose home base is elsewhere in the company come to play on our team for a module or three? What do you see is available to you or the team in this?
Team,I will begin reaching out to the LiT community this week! Are there particular leaders in the company you would request I create enrollment with?
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