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I didn’t want to step over team’s supportive questions – which my working through actually produced the previous post of my vision for us all, but here’s some more background stuff:

One of the questions from Team was: What will this give me access to that I don’t already have? 3 days away from daily home life with 2 kids WITH Jeremy traveling to an event that we are both participants of and enrolled in bringing possibility to and allowing ourselves to open together to what’s next. We are travelers. We would create a structure of support to make us both being away both possible and amazing – something we haven’t done since Em was born almost 2 years ago.
What do I want to get out of this event that will be new, empowering, etc.? In addition to the above, I want to spend time surrounded by and networking with entrepreneurs who are living their spiritual visions and commitments to humanity through their businesses. It’s a massive network of people who could be extensions of my pipeline and providers to support my vision. With Jeremy and I there together with different comfort zone limits and unique possibility lanes we track down, we’ll enhance each others experience and to reclaim a design perspective of WE that our family needs us to be in. I see an opportunity for integration – being all of me everywhere: Entrepreneur, wife and partner to Jer, leader, learner, mother.
What from these videos had me sign up and be a hell yes to going to this and missing module?Nothing from these videos alone had me sign up. What had me say yes to this course back in May was when I began the Mind-hack Program which presented a simple way to see how my mind works as a goal-achieving machine – I got the science and the magic behind the mechanism that works fairly primitively: As long as the thoughts and feelings I have and the actions I take continue to stem from my existing beliefs I will continue to produce results at the level I have. We get that right? Context. AND I engaged with our work through different vocabulary, explanations, and perspectives in a way that had me integrate the learning differently than I ever had. I hear when AC grads do Landmark and other programs this happens too. So I want to be clear, I’m only a hell yes to missing module because I am committed to creating something bigger with you. And that vision is below.
If Jeremy doesn’t go to the event, what will I create in service of partnership and support?Since Jeremy’s currently enrolled, I think a super valuable extension of this question is What am I creating in service of partnership and support with Jeremy beyond the circumstances of this event?
How can I be the one to cause Jer’s entrepreneurial essence to come back to life? Jeff I brought “entrepreneurial essence” to my enrollment conversation with him. We are both super enrolled in creating our future vision from that place. He is enrolled in us bringing that essence to the event to create from there AND he is enrolled in having a couple of sample sessions with coaches in support of him leaning into a new place of possibility for himself. So far I’ve taken action toward creating the vision for a more robust support community and leaned into a breakthrough in intimacy with him, and enrolled him in doing sample sessions with a coach to be uber supported with possibility (I’m STOKED about all three, but that last one makes me dance!)
I know my leadership here is key. Producing more results from my entrepreneurship as a coach will be enrolling to him and will definitely inspire him to stay in possibility.
How will going to the event in Florida be access to the shift I want to create?It will have Jeremy and me produce a childcare structure that can operate for multiple days and overnight. It would have me lean into family and community here that we’ve not benefited from the way we want to. It would have us bring partnership and focus to our future vision.
What do I think will be different from the last one I went to?I will walk out with structures I will have co-created with Jeremy. He and I will have been in partnership leading up to the event and in possibility around my business and our family in a way we were not in November.
How will this break up my roller coaster, and have me not continually playing catch up in life and business?Exhale. I am so scared. Moving through that I will write that the vision is that separate of our attendance to the event, that this enrollment conversation be a support structure to me producing a life that runs more like a high speed train with nothing but first class service. So far my experience is that this conversation is inviting me into the possibility of producing
  1. Consistent and reliable childcare.
  2. To create #1 Jeremy and I will have to break up some of our fears around a) allowing support and b) investing in support. This is already empowered and in process
  • An eco-system of support for us both and for our family (not just baby-sitters, but a coach for Jeremy and some local community / friendships that source us.
  • I am beginning to interview people again for regular house-hold support that isn’t simply childcare at home, but includes daycare pick-up, kitchen and meal support, home flow stuff.
I honestly think that if Jeremy and I together can get into partnership (without me deferring to him, which is an automatic of mine) and create this then I will have plugged two massive power leaks that have me constantly behind the eight-ball in life and with my work schedule.
Then, for my business there is something to create from the business structure this course provided me with and that both this community and you all and my AC community can support with around the accountability of being in action from essence and doing what I know to do – simply. Something, B, like what I posed to you in the My Stand for You thread – and that I would also love to hear how we can partner in the leadership growth.
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