Reply To: Payments

 Brittany Cotton

Thanks Sabrina!

I have it that various declarations have passed, can everyone update us on their peeps? LKT- did Brittany make the payment? Jeff- is Ryan still empowered around today? T-Ryan and Nancy?

Sabrina- thanks for going one step further with Lesa, and we can still hear the fear and hesitation (of course we can you named it 😉 ). It seems your own relationship with money, and Lesa’s “threats” have you seduced and at effect–she hasn’t made a declaration got that, but whats yours? What DO YOU SAY? How will it go today with her?? You might get curious where else she does the “if I am forced to do this I won’t.” Sounds to me like that’s her context that she’s bringing here, creating both an in/out and me/them conversation. And then I’d have you look at where in your life you are bringing that as well, and whats available in the coaching relationship if you break it up too!



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