Reply To: Guest Clients

 Tiffany Turner

Hey Sabs – Tiffany Allen was last year’s photographer, turned reg lead, turned client lead for me, turned GC.

I want to hold confidentiality for the coaching convo’s I had with her before she became a guest client. What I’ll share is that I can see that this is inside her automatic, and I’m happy to get in touch with her and reestablish some relationship. Per your request that we be in touch with our GC referrals, I’ll do so this week and circle back here once I’ve connected with Tiffany.

What I have for Will, is that I got the sense that Sarah was stuck in a lot of her judgments of Will during their 2 months together, and having worked with Will to complete his Essence Conversation, I’ll share that I touched up against similar challenges of my SM wanting to judge him and his commitment. If I were Will, I might feel a bit like, “Why would I show up to be judged by these peeps?” – NOT SURE IF THIS IS REAL OR MADE UP! This is my experience, so please don’t hear it as the truth. Since I was in touch with Will for a long while around Essence, I’m happy to support around him as well. Britt, looks like Will is your referral, do you bless my ownership? Or do you see something for yourself in being the one for him?

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