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Name: Lauren Steely

Date: 2/10/20

Request for Coaching This Week: I’d like to receive coaching around exposing myself as a coach to people in a bold way so that I can market with more confidence and ask more directly for sample calls.


Also Nichole, can we review my Project Deigns for Being in Service to Others and Spirituality.

I’m not feeling very attached to these PD and would like guidance to make them more meaningful to me.  


Practices I completed: 

  1. Have a minimum of 1 complimentary coaching session per week with a potential client or referral source. Add at least one paying client this month.
  2. Required viewing: “Pay It Forward.” Look for completion and breakdown. 
  3. In addition to your buddy, contact at least 3 different individuals on your team each week.
  4. Notice expecting Performance without Practice. Practice showing up to Life ready to practice.

Practices that are incomplete: 

  1. Forum—post and respond at least once a week, as a practice.
  2. Invite guests to the next CTP Observation and Workshop in alignment with your commitment.
  3. Print and post the messages you received in your guided meditation. Share them with your coach.
  4. Required viewing: “Twelve Angry Men”. Look for completion and breakdown.
  5. Print and post: Expect and Welcome Breakdowns. Bonus: Go create breakdowns. Get your nose bloody as a practice. Clean it up and find that nothing tragic happens. 
  6. Also, use one of these tools with at least one client in a coaching session.
  7. Attend a group call with your CTP team to discuss the movies and books. 
  8. Listen for and create practice areas everywhere. Post three brand new practice areas to share with your team on the forum. 

16.Create a project design structure for the weakest component of your relationship to God/Self/Others. Shared with Nichole, have not yet uploaded to the forum.  

Practiced yet to be completed:

  1. Declare and list 5 more actual breakdowns in your life and create the possibility of each. Also, listen for the possibility in the breakdowns of others, as a practice. 
  2. Required Reading for the month: Co-Active Coaching, 2nd Edition: New Skills for Coaching People Toward Success in Work and Life by Laura Whitworth, Karen Kimsey- House, Henry Kimsey-House, Phillip Sandahl. Recommended: The Gift of Our Compulsions: A Revolutionary Approach to Self-Acceptance and Healing by Mary O’Malley. 
  3. Post to the forum: Description of Services, Market Niche, 10 Second Intro & Who Belongs in Your Pipeline (all from Get Clients Now!). 

7.In at least one area of your life, do the Completion/Responsibility Questions or the Completion Exercise in writing. 

  1. Be responsible that your group keeps the promise for clients and MOPAs this month. 
  2. Review all handouts and get any questions you have answered by someone on your team. 


  1. Update your Project Designs for each project area (Vision, Skills, Resources, Rewards, Reverse Results Plan and Action Plan). 
  2. Mandatory: If you haven’t already, submit your second recorded coaching session and review it with your coach before the next module.


Project #1 (Passion Project) On Hold

What by When: 

Objective: To express my natural gifts of music and comedy to transform my life and the lives of others.

The measure of Success:

  • The money/rewards earned from my music and comedy will 100% afford my abundant lifestyle by 5/1/2021.
  • I will receive 10,000 pieces of honest feedback (via written word, phone, in person) that my songs and comedy have changed the recipient’s life and the lives of their family and friends by 8/27/2021.

Next Project Milestone:

Raise $8,000 by 4/30/20

Update/Progress this Week:

To raise capital to pay for classes, writers, film, music, direction, editing, and production I will apply tools learned via Six Figure Mentor Program. 


Next Steps: Complete Program Preparation by 1/21/20

Following Step: Begin 2nd module “Picking your Path” by 1/21/20


Project #2 (Romantic Love) On Hold

What by When: 

  • Objective: To be in a loving, committed, supportive, healthy, adventurous, exciting romantic relationship.
  • Measure: I will be actively dating the person I am in a loving relationship with by June 1st, 2020. We will make fun/romantic/exciting/relaxing plans to be together at least 3 days a week. We will also speak of building our futures together and taking action toward our created futures.

Next Project Milestone: Go on a date with new dating prospect by 2/1/20 

Update/Progress this Week: 

I submitted my contact details, interests and availability to volunteer for GALA (Gay and Lesbian Alliance).

I have scheduled and plan on attending “Pride Meeting” at the GALA center 1/27 6pm-8pm


Project #3 (Finances) On Hold

What by When: Positive income flow by 2/1/2020

Next Project Milestone: 2 PP, 1 FB client in signed contracts by 1/25/2020

Update/Progress this Week: 1 Essence convo, 2 coaching calls scheduled week of 1.20.20

Will create CRM to follow up with leads by 1/22/20


Project #4 (Coaching Credibility Strength) On Hold

What by When: AC certification by 10/1/2020

Next Project Milestone: 3 clients into signed contracts by 1/25/2020

Update/Progress this Week: 1 Essence convo, 2 coaching calls scheduled week of 1.20.20

Will record 2 coaching calls for evaluation and continuous improvement.


Project #4 (Service to Others)

What by When: I aim to be in service to others coaching at least 10 hours a week by March 30, 2020.

Next Project Milestone: 2/21/2020: Have coached at least 4 hours this week

Update/Progress this Week: 2 sample calls scheduled for 2/13


Project #4 (Spirituality)

What by When: 

Next Project Milestone: 2/17/20: Completed 30 hours of intentional meditation and 5 minutes of breathwork.

Update/Progress this Week: Meditated for 10 minutes practiced breathwork 3 minutes in 1st of 8 days.


Number of Clients 

Pro Bono: 1

Partial Pay: 0/1 (client has not signed contract or paid fee. Texted stated she needed time to be with her feelings)

Full Pay: 0


Coaching Hrs to Date:

Pro Bono: 22

Partial Pay: 0

Full Pay: 0



In Progress: 13 (61%)

Completed: 8 (38%)


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