Reply To: All Things Co-coaching

 Tiffany Turner

Thanks all!

I want to share my experience of this call.

I remember last year, I was in constant desire for the feedback, and fear that my recorded calls would be proof that I should have never certified or been given a PCC title from the ICF.

This was SO different. On the other side of practice, I’ve created a breakthrough in Be With and Performance. This call with Nancy, it’s not how all our calls go, but it’s definitely how some calls go. And I BE this way on coaching calls a lot. Not having recorded and listened to myself in 6 months, I missed on on seeing a huge win in my leadership – I can train people on tools and frameworks galore! BUT that’s not my commitment in coaching. Leaving co-coaching yesterday, it became clear to me that I’m bringing Trainer to my Coaching calls, and today I got to own that with Nancy.

I would just love for everyone on team to have this level of empowerment around co-coaching. If anyone isn’t fully empowered, will you speak and be known so that we can Stand for you and support you?

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