Reply To: Enrollment – LKT Module 4 Absence

 Charlie Horn


Genuine, Authentic, Vulnerable, Bold, This last swing is full of heart. Super Duper!!!

YES!!! I am present to what’s available for me/us in putting some urgency to our breakthroughs and causing them NOW instead of waiting for them.

If not now when? This program will be done and over before we know it and I am seeing how I played small on my participant team and and on this team to date. I am not willing to play small like that any more. I am present to integrating it all to have it all work. “It all” being my life at home, at work, at AC, out in public, walking Charley the dog, being in breakdown, celebrating, finding balance and rhythm, playing it all as one game of life where there is no hiding from myself, BEING on this team, Adding value for others instead of reaching and pulling for what I want from them, partnering in agreement and permission before going in like a bull in a china shop AKA Raging Reject.

I am enrolled!! Go get it all with Jeremy, Business, The Kiddos.

I am fearful of how it will go for me with a new leader in the room. I Also can see the opportunity in my “be with”, my relationship growth from having someone new and am nervously excited for it.


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