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 Tiffany Turner

Thanks for your gold, Sabs!

I spoke with Ryan Mac today about payment. He’s unwilling to play any Declare and Fulfill games, and was unwilling to declare by when his payment would be made.

We talked about his What For, for AC. He’s connected to three business projects that he’s committed to producing through this program, and he can see how money is a component of all three, and that there’s an opportunity to create an empowered relationship with money.

I reflected that right now, it’s AC that has his disempowered money context flare, but in 10 years it might be his wife or child wanting something that he can’t afford to provide, and what does life look like when he treats them the way he’s treating AC? He really connected to that, and shared that he’s willing to create a breakthrough in his relationship with money.

What we didn’t get to today, was a design of structures that would have him be in alignment with his money commitments AND working towards his money breakthroughs. I requested that Ryan generate these and bring them to our call tomorrow.



NANCY – will be paid by EOD tomorrow.

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