Reply To: Payments

 Jeff Miller

Thanks Sabs! I love that. Having him playing IN simply as something different definitely could shift something for Ryan Muldoon.

Sabs, it is unclear what Lesa’s actual plan is. Seems a little like wishful thinking. Have you posed the thought that she is choosing to not have the money. For example, if her child needed an emergency surgery and needed $3,000 today, what would she do and who would she be in creating that money? My guess is that she would be determined and driven and do everything in her power to generate that. I don’t have it there is the same urgency with AC. Seems like a predicable place she stops.

T, nice work with Ryan Mac about exploring his what for. It also seems like by not being willing to declare that there is fear and lack of trust in himself. How long before that context self sabotages his new relationship? Seems like he needs to generate a big enough What for to get on the other side of his resistance. I am not clear if that is distinguished. Then he needs NSNK daily structures with his money.

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