Reply To: Enrollment – LKT Module 4 Absence

 Aarti Mallya

LKT I am enrolled in you going to this event and all the things that come with it and out of it that you have expressed.

However I am not enrolled with you missing the whole module for it or anything that is not an emergence with the fact your going for LIT. The way I see it with you going for LIT and certain leadership roles require a higher level gradient. In this topic is your personal presence. I can expand I that if you’d like but I’m sure you can see many different reasons and angles of that impact. Like I said before it is unfortunate you missed 3 days of last module with the circumstance and everything around that. With this would make it 7 consecutive module days.

For me I will not hold any resentment, bitterness, or anything of that nature on you if you decide to go.

If I had a vote or anything for you being LIT this would have a negative impact for me as of right now.


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