Reply To: Payments

 Tiffany Turner

Daily update: Nancy just paid for February. She completed her payment on the other side of a 3 Letter Series, and she learned that she’s mad at God, and she’s in process of recommitting to her relationship with God.

Ryan Mac and I talked money today, and it was the second time we talked about money where I wasn’t in a convo with his SM…two days in a row of no SM money convo!

He’s empowered sending me a daily text message with What’s So about how much money he has, and his declaration for payment.

We discovered that he’s relating to monthly payments as “Get it over with at once,” and that has him in this surprise cycle of not having $1800 on the first, and feeling like he has to produce $1800 ASAP to pay.

We looked at chunking it down for money EVERYWHERE in his life. The guy has amazing business and non-profit goals, and he’s clear how structures around money allow for all those goals to come true. So I have it he’s enrolled in doing it different, and starting tomorrow, I’ll share his daily texts, and I’ll continue to support him through this!

Other peeps with unpaid people, where’s your daily update at?

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