Reply To: 2020 Business Project Design for Tiffany Turner Coaching



Hey T <3 LOVE LOVE LOVE this. Some Qs:

Are you game to add as an accountability structure a way to be at cause with us around your milestones? I’m curious if you’re on track with 2/11 and 2/14 milestones and to have the “Buffet” of partnership options designed by today – and on track for updated resume, etc.

On Tuesday, how can I support you and stand for your 2/21 declaration?

Do you mind if I interact with your milestones? I have it this is part of your commitment in playing out loud!

  • February 21: Applied to 3 coaching brokers (BetterUp, etc.) – SMALL <— what are the other brokers you see to apply to? I notice I never really entertained this because I made up that it had to be hard and I had to suffer through relationship generating with strangers 😉 LOL. There’s so much there, right? 1) I can build relationships with strangers from ease AND 2) what structures (such as a coaching broker) would have me at ease so as to generate more relationships from that place? What do you see for you here? And team?
  • February 17: Resume updated, 3 new workshops designed
  • February 14: “Buffet” of partnership options designed
  • February 11: Grossed $3500, touched 56 lives


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