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I’ve had so many conversations about money this week. I brought a request to a hypnotherapy session around the “chaos of money” and it was really powerful what came up for me. I’d love to share it all in another post if I find time over the weekend. But one of the quotes that came out of it was, “It’s not about the money. The person controlling the money controls how the money behaves.” That is something that we all know. Technically. But something about the way it was worded really landed for me. I am going to bring this to Jonathan. I checked in with him on how much his payment is going to be this week.


$100. 🤦‍♀️

His reasoning is because he was making bigger payments with the plan of getting more gigs this week. But he hasn’t gotten paid for those yet, so he’s out of money since he made higher payments than what he had the budget for. From a dollars and cents perspective, I get it. And, it’s not what he was committed to. He did pick up some extra work, though, and I’m happy for him about that. He was working on shifting “extra gigs” as something to bring him power and joy versus something that feels embarrassing or like “focusing too much on money”. His relationship to having money is much different than his relationship to earning money. These are the layers we’re peeling back, as he brings a coaching request around money every week.

My declaration for him is that he’ll make a $1300 payment next week to compensate for the $100 (versus $700) payment this week, and I’ll support him in the structures to make sure he gets paid and puts the money where he says he will.

This entire conversation is bringing up something for me around intention. And registration. I was going to bring this up on a reg call but I didn’t know if it would be appropriate. It also sort of falls into my enrollment around reg team and marketing team. And that is… What is the intention when we register someone? Is the intention to bring people into the program who have enough money to pay for it? Or is the intention to bring people into the program who are up to big things in the world? Or something else? This conversation is missing for me. I recall hearing things like, “Register now, and don’t worry about the how.” And then when the how comes up, there some panic and surprise that people aren’t capable of making their payments.

That could be my interpretation, but that’s what I see. I recall Kerry saying that she got a call asking what’s going on with her program. And what I see going on is we have a lot of people who signed up not knowing exactly how they would pay for it, and the feedback I’m getting is that they feel like we’re coming at them like bill collectors, which is not partnership. I’d love to not only look at who we’re being about collecting money, but who we’re being about intentionality of who we bring into the program and why and how to handle money stuff before it becomes a breakdown. I say this noticing that I’m surprised that anyone is surprised when half the people aren’t paid.

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