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For me, this isn’t actually about best business practices. That’s not even what I was thinking about. I’m thinking about how the reason behind the Fair Debt Collection Protection Act is about people and their mental health.

Three out of the four people who are behind in payments I am in an close relationship with, and I can assure you that daily checkins on their payments is not going to be the thing that has it go differently. I think it’s going to create more us vs. them (which is something that is very strong on the participant team right now) and have people shutting down. I’m already seeing it in Ryan. I share a space with him right now and yes it affects me immensely when he is taken out and breaking down and asking me why AC is the way that it is about money. He is literally leaving his current job and his girlfriend to go make more money so that he can pay for AC and between now and next week when he starts his new job there is not a lot he can do. What is the daily check-in for in that case? To him it feels like harassment. That’s just one example.

Not everything I see/think/feel is coming from a business lens. There’s more to me than that. For me this is about respect and boundaries. I think referring to the people who are behind as up to “shenanigans” is really disrespectful. These are people who are trying their best and learning an entirely new way of earning and managing money. For some, like Nancy and Doon, it was a matter of spending the money they had. For Lesa, Ryan, and Jonathan, they are having to hustle up money in ways they’ve never had to do before. They don’t have money sitting in their account that they are choosing to spend on other things. They have plans and are working toward them. They need support and partnership.

I agree that it would be great to have us all on the same page and not spending so much energy on this. I see a gap in knowing what the goal is. That is why I asked what the purpose of the daily checkins are. If it’s about collecting money, I don’t think that’s the way. And why should the people with money issues be more supported or have more communication and check-ins than the rest of the participants? This is all just feeling really icky to me and like I will never, ever register anyone for this program ever again unless they have $18K sitting in their bank account ready to go.

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