Reply To: Thriving

 Tiffany Turner

Team, on Thursday’s Business Breakthrough’s 30 call with Nichole, I designed what I’m calling, “my business buffet.”

I realized that there’s so many people who want to work with me, and the barrier to entry is a rate they’re unwilling to be coached around, or create. SO, it’s time to try something new in generating more business and impacting more lives!

This is what I created:

  1. Intentional Living Series
    1. 6 month commitment
    2. Meets 2x/month
    3. Training style – I’ll be leading workshops that empower people to live intentionally
    4. 12- workshop curriculum (9 of 12 already generated)
    5. $125/month for 6 months, OR $699 up front
    6. I will create two groups, and fill them up to 10 people
  2. Group Coaching
    1. 4 month commitment
    2. Meets 2x/month
    3. Ontological coaching on subjects/requests brought by people in the group
    4. $299/month or $1099 up front
    5. Maximum of 4 people
  3. One on One coaching
    1. This is for the people who are super clear what they’re after, and super empowered in working with me to create it
    2. I will hold a maximum of 7 spaces for 1:1 clients, including participants (this means I only have 5 one on one coaching openings! And I will upping my rate or firing myself from a few clients to get here – currently at 8 clients)

If anyone hears something in this for them, I hope it will inspire you to create your own buffet!

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