Reply To: Payments

 Charlie Horn

This is such a great conversation all,

Nichole. I totally see where you are looking at and I am looking at how it applies to client game as well because I know so many people who want coaching and are up against money objections. Where do we all land on this? Do you take a homeless person who has the same potential as all of us and work with them around there money context or do we only work with people who have plenty of money and are up against a different relationship to money?
I think it is all a personal choice and one that may depend on a case by case scenario. What I do trust is that on the other side of this stand for all to be paid is breakthrough wether massive or small. So from there it’s great to hear all of your voices in my head say we get to say how it goes, it’s all an enrollment conversation, how are WE relating to it? Who will we BE about it.
from there Nichole what do you see for you? Wether the intention is to reach out to participants daily? And how will we be with regular clients around this. What about in you business Nichole? and how will WE each be around our own money.
Nichole I remember a conversation around a payment you had not made even though you had the money and I have the same thing happening at times. So I see this conversation as opportunity to look at all things for us individually, as a team and as a stand for the participants and ourselves to notice and get to choice for how we want our lives to go.

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