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Hey team! Reminder that the deadline to bring me one accountant who meets the COS is this Friday, February 21. The invitation was to create a new relationship. I totally get that the peeps you already know might not meet the COS, but let’s look at broadening our networks! Here are some things to consider…

• Do you plan to grow your business this year?
• Are there some unknowns about how this is going to impact your taxes?
• Do you know whether or not you are currently in compliance?
• Are you currently doing all the “right” things to maximize your deductions?
• Do you know if you need an accountant? Or when in your business you should begin to outsource this if you’re not already?

These are great questions to ask to start a new relationship. Share with them what you’re up to with coaching and get their advice. Find out if they would like the opportunity to chat with about 20 coaches who all own their own businesses? And an opportunity to meet a kick-ass attorney who could become a referral partner for them. Get into relationship and see what happens! 🙂 Y’all enrolled?

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