Reply To: The Good Old Peeps

 Sabrina Pratt

Name: Andrew Mai


Date: 2/18/2020


Request for Coaching this Week: 

    • Work: Why am I not being more present?
      • (At work, worrying about coaching/projects. At home, feeling “incomplete” about work day)
    • Feeling entitled; since I live with parents, feel I can quit job with less consequence; believe it is a mentality with repurcussions. (INDEPENDENCE)


  • Passivity with coaching and projects (I will “float” my way there….)


  • Go over Men’s Workshop + Speaking Engagements.


Acknowledge: Connecting with friends despite how I felt. Showing up in team as a LEADER, thinking of them daily and how I can push them forward.


Practices I completed:

    • Attended (1) Networking event, handed out 2 business cards.
    • Completed second sample session. Scheduled essence conversation.
    • Posted 2 times on IG.


  • Updated Coaching Project Design



Practices that are incomplete:     

  • Get coaching from Don around Time Context.
  • Updating Bumble App.


Project #1: Full Time Life Coach

What by When:       10 paying clients by 10/5/2020

Next Project Milestone:      1/31/2020

Update/Progress this Week:  No Updates.


Project #2: Better Social Life and Rebonded Ties

What by When:       Have established “fun” group of friends, REBOND with old friends/family by 4/20

Next Project Milestone:      Reach out to Local friends for outdoor trip or “Fun Day”

Update/Progress this Week:  Went out with old friends from High School, less fear.


Project #3: Dating

What by When:       Be in relationship with a fun, purposeful, hardworking woman by 5/25/2020

Next Project Milestone:      Update Bumble and Tinder apps.

Update/Progress this Week:     Messaged more women on Hinge.


Project #4: Instagram and YouTube platform

What by When:       Have 10,000 followers on the Gram by 9/1/2020

Next Project Milestone:      500 followers

Update/Progress this Week:     Made one solid post on better self.


Project #5: New Income Source

What by When:       $1,200 side income by 2/28/2020

Next Project Milestone:      Land one tutoring job.

Update/Progress this Week: No updates. Applied to 4 jobs overall.


Number of Clients

Full Pay Clients: 0

Partial Pay Clients: 0

Pro-Bono Clients: 0

Total current # of clients: 0


Coaching Hrs to Date

Pro-Bono Hours:      8

Paid Client Hours: 0


MOPAS (February):


In Progress: 




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