Reply To: The Good Old Peeps

 Sabrina Pratt

Hi Sabrina,

Good morning and my apologies on getting this fired off a little late.  I’m taking a last minute trip to Disneyland with Nichole and the kiddos for Keva & Luke’s bdays that are this month so I’ve been trying to work some extra hours to not strap anyone else by my absence 😉
Just a few things to touch base on:
1.  I did not complete my project design.  I’m still working on it, and I actually felt a lot of guilt that I did not get it done which then felt odd to me because… onto point 2. (I had allotted time Sunday night to complete this despite #2, but then something came up that took precedence so it’s tabled only temporarily).
2. Well, it only took a year but in my spirit of “just do it”, I canceled all plans this weekend and spent from sun up to sundown knocking out about 70% of my house projects so that the space I’m creating from is one I feel comfortable within and can thrive.  It felt amazing to knock this out and the sentiment towards continuing with this momentum is strong.
3.  I think I’m going to make a trip to Denver to spend a day with my YouTuber friend and get introduction to his followers (and in return, get more followers as well).
4.  My coaching request for this week is to discuss “team” and my relationships with it.  I’m struggling.  Yesterday sucked a bit and I’m feeling some shut down over it.
I have to get to work but talk soon!  🙂


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