Reply To: Support During Pregnancy

 Jeff Miller

Thank you T for requesting support from team. I have it that this is actually the breakthrough for you. To actually still have ownership over it all and get supported from team. This part was actually missing in the post. I know we connected on the phone last night, but can you expand on the actual breakthrough on this thread so our team can get some of that delicious stuff?

I am 100% committed to you getting your needs met, experiencing breakthroughs and not letting pregnancy be “just a circumstance” where you stop. I have all the respect in the world for women in general. Especially the magical gift of child birth. I seriously have no idea how anyone can go through the physical and emotional changes that being pregnant creates. AND I have seen some amazing breakthroughs had from being pregnant as a coach in this AC container. Are you willing to partner and create that with our team?

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