Reply To: Support During Pregnancy

 Tiffany Turner

One of the experiences I’m having, that’s causing further breakdown, is that my head fog has me not speaking or articulating myself clearly, and as a result I often feel misunderstood and unheard.

So, I got complete!

From here, let me own that I’m not as sharp or articulate as I usually am. If I’m not making sense, please say so by asking me to swing again, and please hold space if I don’t feel able, in that moment.

Here’s the real breakthrough for me: in trust and support. I’m scared to not deliver on my accountabilities, and on my usual support of team, because I’ve made up that I’m so important that I can’t do that (terminal uniqueness much?). So the biggest request here is to support my breakthrough in receiving support and trusting team.

Inside that larger breakthrough, what I need support on:

  • When I volunteer for things, please double check if I want to and am reliable to do it (I’m used to volunteering and for the next few weeks, I’d love to not volunteer, and let someone else take on those things, and in that trust that team’s got it)
  • I need support around Pipeline Leadership – it’s a big accountability, and I need someone to partner with me over the next ~6 weeks in doing the doing of pipeline leader

Who’s got me?

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