Reply To: Text Message Screen Shots


Thanks for starting this thread. I agree that we don’t need to get into the weeds of the content. That has us relating to their survival mechanism. To me, it lands as, “See what I mean?”

I personally do think it’s an invasion of privacy. I think we’ve successfully established with the participants that we will share “what’s so” with the rest of the team, but I know for a fact that Lesa would be upset to find out texts that she thought were between her and Sabs were shared with the entire team. It put me in an uncomfortable place reading texts that she wrote while admittedly triggered. She probably would have shown up differently if she knew the team would read it. She clearly didn’t know. I just think we should give the entire participant team a heads up that there are no holds barred with sharing their text and email communication if that’s how we want it to go.

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