Reply To: Leaders 2/25


PC/LIT NAME: Nichole MacDonald
CITY /NUMBER OF CTP: SD Modular 19/20

PC/LIT Request For Training This Week: My request this week is to miss some of our Tuesday calls. I am trying to juggle several things tomorrow due to some critical meetings that are helping to put a new CEO in place for

Client Game: Empowered
Current FP Clients: 3
Clients through AC: 2
Coach Paid: yes
Clients Paid: Yes
Insurance: Yes
Holding anything: No

Sample Sessions had Last 7 days: 0
Sample Sessions scheduled Next 7 days: 0

By when do you need to be hired to remain in integrity? N/A I may still replace Rema as a client, but waiting to see how it works out.

My Projects: My project designs are not organized right now

# of Co-coaching calls/ Recorded calls: Lauren 1

PARTICIPANT NAME 1: Lauren: Lauren brings “how to” requests to our calls. She has it that there’s a right and wrong way to coach and use the tools. And it all comes from her wanting to have the ultimate impact on everyone, everywhere, always! She’s such a delight and I just enjoy her so much.

PARTICIPANT NAME 2: Jonathan: Jonathan!!!!! OMG I’m so pumped for him. He launched is “free week” for his new program this week. He’s getting a good turnout from what I can see. Next week is when the paid program begins and his goal is to sign up 10 humans, which I think he will. He and Shawna got engaged, too! I knew that was happening, and is one of the reasons I think I was protective around checking in with him every day on his payments. Like, give the guy a break and let him to propose to his dang girlfriend. 😂 Anyway, I’m so excited for him/them. He’s showing up so empowered.

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