Reply To: Accountant Enrollment

 Brittany Cotton

Hi all!

I brought the conversation to the Enrolled Agent (not our kind of enrolled, this means someone who has their license and is certified with the IRS to be a tax agent to individuals) in my BNI, asking if he knows any CPAs that meet our CoS. He laughed and said “Brittany I meet your conditions of satisfaction, and I would love to do that.”  So then I started to wonder why does it “have” to be a CPA. I will be taking this topic to the leader team, but I would like to enroll you all in Darryl being one of our options. I have it he knows taxes and more about this conversation that many people, since his whole job isn’t simply preventive, but what happens when things don’t go as planned, or there are gaps in taxes. Aka he’s like a coach, he works to the gaps! 😀

Darryl has been in the tax industry for over 20 years, and is committed to people really getting how to have an empowered relationship with taxes, and what to do to create that. He loves speaking with groups, and giving insight into new businesses/entrepreneurs.

I have also asked the Lawyer who is enrolled in referrals of CPAs, as he said he works/teams with many! He is going to get back to me!

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