Reply To: Enrollment

 Juliana Sih

Britt, I am sorry you had to call me out again.

I’ve been feeling a lost on what to bring here. And that has me doing the same thing and not playing out loud. So I want to break that up.

I shared with LKT the other day that I sat in unqualified for a long time (probably about 3 months) and that had me thinking long and hard about AC. There was never a question in my mind about wanting to be here. BUT I am not clear what I see for myself here.  I don’t know what I want to get out this and I don’t have specific things I can grasp to daily. There is also a flavor of me vs. them playing out – which happens all over the place (surprise!). I lost my what for and it has me doing the bare minimum right now. And that’s not my commitment! So I am going to get complete about AC, talk to my coach, and have conversations with teammates around leadership. I am committed to getting super clear about whats next in my leadership, recommitting from a complete place and bringing that conversation here. I will have a leadership enrollment update posted by EOD Wednesday.


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