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Hey team! So it sounds like we have possibly one from Sabs and possibly ones from Britt. Did I miss anyone else? I have someone I want to enroll you all in!

Dominique Molina is not just a CPA. She is a CPA who started a company that trains CPAs on how to make more money with their businesses. She built a multi-million dollar business teaching other CPAs how to make the smartest tax choices for themselves and their clients. She is the CPA of CPAs!!

Here’s a blurb from her LinkedIn:

For years, I’ve taught CPAs how to double their income in 12 months using advanced tax reduction strategies. We focus on saving affluent business owners more money and they love working with Certified Tax Planners. Through the nonprofit org, the AICTP, we’ve licensed over 600 tax pros & most have more than doubled profits by using these skills.

As a CPA myself, I know how HARD it is make worthwhile income. It’s time to STOP Working Hard & Start Working SMART.
At AICTPC, we provide hands-on training, proven systems, tools, support, and the Certified Tax Planner (CTP) designation. When graduates achieve their tax planning credential, the designation conveys their unique expertise in tax planning.

Also, she is a really fun and hilarious person. She dressed up as a fly girl from the Bronx for my “Alter Ego” birthday party! 😂Also, get this… She doesn’t wear a bra. Ever. 😳 Now, I know that has nothing to do with accounting, but it amazes me and she’s my hero. Even when she’s dressed in a business suit (which is most of the time), she is totally braless and you can’t tell because she’s trained her boobs to behave and be in place. I am like dumbfounded over this. But anyway… She’s awesome.

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