Reply To: What's going on?


Thanks, B! I will post another update in the payments forum.

I don’t think I need any support with Lauren or Jonathan right now.

Jonathan is crushing it with his business launch from an ontological perspective and I am just on the edge of my seat over here hoping the sign-ups come through so he can get caught up with AC and have the money breakthrough he is after. He has become so reliable to be in his being on our calls and notice what takes him out and brings him back in his day-to-day life. Jonathan declared one submitted recorded call this week and one next week so that he’s caught up on two by module.

Lauren is doing great but I am starting to notice a pattern of her bringing “safe” coaching requests and staying in her comfort zone and in right/wrong context. I don’t think I need any support with that, though. I’m going to talk to her about it. I need to check with her on her second recorded call, as well.

As for me, everything is in integrity. I’m going to record both Jonathan and Lauren’s calls this week so I can submit one for feedback and also have the other one available in case anyone wants to hear and give me additional feedback.

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