Reply To: Layer for Module 4

 Brittany Cotton

Wahoo! Way to lead this Mike!

Thanks for playing out loud, sourcing the team, and being a leader!

Im curious what has you declare this will be flat by Thursday the 5th, and where you are looking.

I am personally not enrolled, and here’s why: this team has a pattern of kicking the can down the road, and looking at breakthroughs and results down the line versus in the moment. We play this way in reg, with the payment convo, etc. I actually see your leadership in this being a place we can break that up. Also a way for us to facilitate relationship by really honoring the time of the people who are enrolled and are our options, and letting them know sooner than later.

What I see for you is going full out in the day/moment, versus needing different things to happen to cause what you want. My experience is you play a long game, that has you get in the weeds. Interested in breaking that up here?

Love, B

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