Reply To: Payments

 Tiffany Turner

Jeff is there a different flavor of leadership and coach you can bring to Doon? From what I know of him, I don’t think he responds well to Tough Love, and I can see how giving him Tough Love would be valuable, but I also see room to play with gradient and Being (from you, to him).

Updates on Ryan and Nancy.

I spoke with Nancy today and we distinguished her money cycle. She observed that it’s actually the same cycle in all parts of her life. She also pointed to how her addiction shows up in money – she uses money to buy things that make her feel good when she’s feeling bad, knowing that it’ll be fleeting, and then forgetting the pain (apparently forgetting the pain is a common part of addiction).

It was a powerful awareness building conversation, and Nancy got clear on how she wants her relationship with money to go, and committed to creating a breakthrough.

She made a declaration to pay for March by March 18, and I asked her to consider making chunked payments between now and then, knowing that part of her current cycle with money, is to spend it on things she doesn’t need, before she’s even made it. She’s aligned and will text me by EOD today with all her payment declarations for March.

Ryan Mac, no update. He’s still at: Pay Feb by 3/2 and pay March AND April by April 1.

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