Reply To: Support Coaches

 Jeff Miller

T, thanks for the call forth. And I totally own that at times my ownership has not been present around team being. Not my commitment and not what I am playing for. I think a big part of this was the “In & Out” conversation I was having from a separate and alone place. I will be brining my voice and partnership a lot more to this conversation and others.

My breakthrough around owning team being is to be with emotions and how others show up. I have it that this is heart based leaderships. I am super quick to get things done or to be the “tough love/reflection guy.” And I don’t need a whole lot of extra training here. I notice that this was my experience with my kids early on. I was like why don’t these little guys know I am on a schedule or why can’t they just get dressed. I couldn’t be with inefficiency or how they were showing up. Pretty crazy since they were all under 4 at the time. So my breakthrough is definitely to be with everything and to empower people everywhere. And I get to practice this with all of you amazing folks. Again thanks for the reflections and partnership.

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