Reply To: Support Coaches


I love that you brought this, T! I made some comment about support coaches to Jocelyn the other day and she asked what a support coach was. I said, “I think the support coaches are supposed to support the program coaches.” Clearly I had my own definition made up as well, and I was holding my own definition as not working but never brought it up. <— Probably because I wasn’t sure if I was even right/wrong about that and never asked. Thanks for continuing to model putting in what you see.

I almost volunteered for support coach in the beginning (when I found out it was a thing), as a breakthrough in being of service. That’s what I see and would love to feel from Charlie and Mike. I think we do sometimes and we don’t sometimes. And the latter times are in between modules. During module, totally reliable to be support. In between… Hey where’d ya go!?

Some of what I see is because I also see it for myself. Such as speaking up more on reg. I also see offering to take notes during calls, being the one to track forum posts and make sure everyone is contributing and that conversations are complete, etc. There’s a lot that could support team being and production. I’d love more of that! 😊

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