Reply To: Accountant Enrollment


Can I get everyone to respond to this forum post by EOD Friday with where you’re at? Even if the answer is that you have nobody to enroll us in, please let me know what’s so.

I see we have Darrel from Brittany, so long as we’re all on board that it doesn’t have to be a CPA.

I have Dominique.

Sabs, what’s the update with your guy?

I am currently searching for a new CPA for my business and I met with a guy a couple days ago named Tyler McBroom. Best last name ever, in my humble opinion. Haha. He would be a really interesting person to talk to about this. He is the accountant who attends all the Tony Robbins events and gives advice there. He is personal friends with Tony Robbins and going to his birthday party next week. Now, I personally am like whatever about Tony Robbins, but the point is that Tyler is really into transformational work and supporting people in it with his accounting services. So it could be an interesting conversation. But I’m waiting to see where we land with options. I don’t want to take over with my peeps when the original plan was to let y’all be the ones to bring them. What do you see, team?

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