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Hey! It’s my turn to have to call reviewed! I’m so excited! Here is the call I recorded with Lauren today:

It goes a few minutes over, but of course I’m aligned with everybody only listening to 60 minutes unless you want to hear a little bit of the good stuff at the end. I noticed, because I also recorded my call with Jonathan, that I have such a cadence that keeps my calls at one hour, that having the extra stuff at the beginning threw off the time. Both of their calls are almost the exact same number of minutes over.

I wanted to submit a call with Jonathan as someone who could use some additional additional support but the recording didn’t turn out great because he was in his car and it was very loud and hard to understand him for the first 10 to 15 minutes. It took a lot of me repeating back what he was saying, not as a reflection but just because I literally couldn’t hear him. But I can share that recording as it is if anybody wants to listen and give me additional feedback.

But for the purpose of a call review, I have Lauren! Thanks so much for listening. I’m excited to get feedback.

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