Reply To: What is your "What For?"

 Tiffany Turner

You know, at risk of upsetting the highly sensitive Jeff Meatball Miller, I’m not connected to needing a What For.

I notice that What For’s is a place we often come back to, and ever since my India trip (or maybe completion around my India trip), I’ve busted up two things: that breakthroughs require breakdowns – I think that happens a lot, but isn’t a rule – and that we need a What For to pull us forward.

I simply want to be here. I love what I get out of this work. I love you guys. I love Ryan Mac and Nancy challenge me. I love how y’all challenge me. I love that I get to challenge all of you. And I have this deep inner knowing that the more I allow myself to get from coaching and AC, the more delicious my life can be.

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