Reply To: Sab's Super FUN Enrollment in Breakthroughs All Over the Place

 Charlie Horn

Sabrina, I am really happy to support you and sonik. I am only going to commit to 55.55 and there is a breakthrough for me in team as well to not rush in with any more than that.
you are generous beyond anything the green paper stuff may mean and it’s clear once more for me how much you give of yourself and how many people are affected by what you are up to. I took my first improve class on Monday and it was so cool. So I have a little taste of what you are up to. And it is powerful positive supportive community get outside your comfort zone open hearted stuff.
there are so many levels of value for me to be in on this. You, our team, our participant team, health and well being, accountability, all the breakthroughs you spoke to. It’s all great. I can imagine your inner self delivering the vision to you last night and having it at the ready when you woke up. YOU are so powerful. YOU = your limitless amounts of internal resource, your true being your open loving heart. It’s so good to know you.
I feel trust and connection and abundance in this moment. 🙏

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