Reply To: Sab's Super FUN Enrollment in Breakthroughs All Over the Place

 Tiffany Turner

Hey Sabs – I have the $500 and I’d be happy to pay for all of it, or the $55.55 you’re requesting. What has me pause is that you’ve been out loud about your money breakdown, and I see teams financial support of you fixing one breakdown ($) to support another breakdown (well being), and I’m interested in what would create breakthroughs in BOTH for you.

Before you read this next piece, please know this is my stuff/my judgements/my world views, this doesn’t have to do with you and your money circumstances, I just see something for me and would like the support. Part of my hesitation to financially support you is that I disagree with your spending habits. There have been tid bits shared like mani/pedi’s with mom or over drafting for your birthday celebration doing late night Taco Bell, and I don’t want to support those habits when you don’t have money for your bills (and, I would, I’ll give you the $500). Team, will you share what you see for me here?

For Sonik, what a sweetheart. My heart breaks for him, and my heart smiles for how wonderful and optimistic he is. I would love to support him, and again, I have the $300 and I would give him the $300, I’m just not wanting to cross the line of financially supporting someone to support a participant. It seems like a backdoor to the leader team getting Jon a FP client, and I agree with Jeff that that would be a dual relationship.

SO, how else can I support Sonik? I’ll send the guy some money (preferably not to be then funneled directly to Jon). I’ll gift him free coaching. I’ll gift him a free spot in my Intentional Living Series. I’m sure others have ideas for what they can give too. Team, what else can we create for Sonik?

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