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Thanks, Mike! I wasn’t sure if you had done some due diligence on your end to connect with Eric or not. So what I’m hearing is that you made the decision based on Britt’s enrollment and what your friend told you about transnational lawyers.

I feel I did not give a proper enrollment on Melody. For some reason I was thinking there would be more enrollment discussions happening so I didn’t put everything in. I am enrolled in Eric, if that’s who everyone chooses. I also want to make sure we know everything about Melody. Mike, it’s interesting to me that you referred to her as over qualified. Yeah, she’s hella qualified! And she’s not above this at all, if that’s what you’re thinking.

Melody hosts weekly “guru hours” at Hera Hub, the female entrepreneur co-working space that I am a member of, to give entrepreneurs free business legal advice. She does this to support the entrepreneur community because she’s so passionate about people having the proper legal foundation before they launch so as to avoid any issues down the line. She eats, sleeps, breaths this stuff.

When I talked to her about this opportunity, she was excited about the idea of practicing zoom! I was cracking up. Like, it seems like she would know how to do anything! But she’s never actually done a zoom call before and said that she wants to learn. My point is that no matter how qualified she is, there’s still something in this for her to connect with us and to practice something new.

If we choose Eric, great! I just wanted to make sure I gave more information about Melody.

I am enrolled in Melody.

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