Reply To: Sab's Super FUN Enrollment in Breakthroughs All Over the Place


Like Jeff, I had to read this a few times to figure out what wasn’t sitting right with me. Like I said last night, super enrolled in you and how you show up for people in the world. Like, damn. You know that if Sabrina is in your corner, you’re gonna do alright!!

What’s unclear to me is what’s the breakthrough for Sonik? It sounds like you’ve done a lot for him, and so have others. I’m hearing that he works three jobs but doesn’t have somewhere to live. Just the way you described it, I’m over here like, “What has this person not getting their life together?” Which, hello judgement!!! I guess I’m wondering why this will be different than the other types of support he has received. How will this be a thing that has him leaning into AC or whatever he wants to lean into?

The dual relationship stuff doesn’t bother me at all, which I’m sure is not surprising. Look, as a company that relies on the team to bring people into the work, there’s gonna be lots of dual relationshippy stuff going on! I think it’s about integrity and how we be about it. If this was something you did “behind our backs” and there was some weird energy around it or whatever, that might make things mucky. But I think this is a beautiful idea.

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