Reply To: Sab's Super FUN Enrollment in Breakthroughs All Over the Place

 Brittany Cotton

Hey all!

I agree with much that has been said: I’m in love with who you are for the people in your life, and your determination and commitment to create breakthroughs for team, Sonik, and yourself.

First- I want to say I was going to put in a similar thing that Nichole did. My experience is that when you have something you want from team, or something you see, the expectation and stand is that we respond immediately. So much so that you have gotten taken out in the past when we don’t. And on the flip side, there are multiple team conversations where we haven’t heard your voice, yet you are quick to respond to our responses to you. I wonder if you realize the message you are sending is my stuff matters?

I read it twice as well, and same experience – something didn’t set right. Yes I have the 55, yes I want you and Sonik to generate breakthroughs, yes I want Jonathan to win and have a massive group of people he is supporting. So its not about any of that. What has me hung up is that it feels a bit like you are slapping “team breakthrough” on this, without actually sharing how this would create that. Im not clear how each of us putting $55 in would generate a team breakthrough other than us all being able to say we came together and did it.

And similar to T- I’m not enrolled in us fixing a money breakdown. While I see that this could break up some of your stops with team, and believing we are truly and one hundred percent here for you, I don’t see the breakthrough in the way you described it. Not to say its not there. But my experience over here was like I need this, Sonik needs it, if team gives 55 bucks, we will have a breakthrough. And I know that wasn’t your intention.

I am also sensing some dual wonkiness. And I totally realize that you already had a relationship with Jonathan. But to me there is something iffy about us funding his group. Though I also can see that it would be us simply donating to you… So I’m not quite sure where I fall there, but see multiple points.

I love what T put in around multiple avenues to support Sonik, and what Nichole got curious about in terms of his needs to have it all work out.

Currently I am not enrolled as I don’t see how us paying for you two would generate the breakthroughs you speak of. AND don’t stop.

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