Reply To: Sab's Super FUN Enrollment in Breakthroughs All Over the Place


Sabs, your response lands to me as though you didn’t believe in your enrollment in the first place. I noticed many of us had to read and re-read it. There was some clarity missing in what the breakthroughs were and how this was the thing to get there, etc. And I’m wondering if the messiness of the request came from your believing before you even brought it that you were already right that we weren’t going to go for it. As enthusiastic as it was and how much heart was in it, I wonder if there was preemptive incompletion in there before it even started and that’s what had it land as confusing to us. Part of me wanted to be enrolled just to prove to you that we support you and are on your team. Because we do and we are. If this is about a team breakthrough, I see the breakthrough needed in team is trust. We trust that we’re all on the same team even if we don’t reach into our pockets or get on board with an idea. What would have that breakthrough possible?

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