Reply To: What is your "What For?"

 Charlie Horn

T, I also saw your what for as Love. I am clear that you have so thoroughly integrated love into your life that you don’t have to distinguish it as your big what for because you have so much access to it. If and when the door were to start to close to love, would you be willing to take a look at it as a guiding light?

Jeff, thanks for your demand and your stand. You are a big inspiration for me. You are a high achiever making it all look simple easy and most importantly FUN. Your being is squeaky clean all the time. I can’t wait to have a reflection for you that will add value to your life.


I am so enrolled in you as President. Im going to knock on doors when you run. Other than looking hot while you are leading the nation and the world to utopian peacefulness, is there something else that you see for you that has you self enrolled in coming back in when the going gets tough?

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