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 Aarti Mallya

– AC – My being and being with all things AC.

Truth is I have been dreading most everything AC just feel like I’m in quick sand so to speak. I feel like I can’t say anything without anyone having something to say like I can’t get anything right. I can’t even share without it feeling I did that wrong and or like I’m complaining. The only thing I have really enjoyed is being at the modules when I’m on camera. This has taken up a lot of energy and I make it all bigger and harder than it all is. But I am now seeing and viewing things from a different lens. I have talked about some of this in my coaching with Jeff and others. The breakthroughs for me is having AC work for me and all the things I want is my life and there’s really many breakthroughs for me within all of it.

– I have start talking to some of you about what you see in AC and get out of it/make it work for your life’s. So that can help me see things from a different lens. I will be talking to 1 to 2 people a week to keep getting more insights and gold for my breakthroughs.

– I haven’t been setting myself up for success by trying to do everything on my own. I am now seeing AC and everything with it being a great place to practice speaking from essence and leader. Where I am empowering and clear where my voice is received. To get feed back and challenged so that I keep growing even more.

– I am seeing more possible support opportunities so that I keep moving forward and or do things differently to achieve results. Like power hours to be accountable for making calls, can get support in the moment to keep moving forward, and a good place to make the more challenging calls. I can set up speaking spots at networking groups so I am “required” to speak in front of people. (I am speaking in front of a small group tomorrow Tuesday the 3rd.)

– I have been working on my being all over the place, coming from my essence, not being so rigid, and lightening up all over with everything. Being in the being and doing departments, doing things differently. The things I put a lot of efforts in everywhere (some more than others of course) Sophia, Lyft, AC, Coaching, speaking and branding for coaching, exercise, don’t really have fun with anyone but Sophia, and networking. What I need to do is do things differently so I work the urgent and import. Not the not urgent and not important.

– I have been working on stopping by 6 or 7pm unless I go networking in the evening which can be anywhere between 1 and 4 times the weekdays.

– This past week I didn’t do any Lyft driving, I contacted many people and way more than I have on any given week I can remember back to, and I have taken more breaks than ever to get back to being in different ways… Walks to the beach for 15 to 30 min, listening to motivational video’s, connecting with other for support, and more.

– I am paying more attention to voice tone, mood, and lightness.

I have much more gold I’m getting. I was intending to wrap this up into a pretty bow and say what else I see for me with and AC and moving forward but I have spent just over an hour on this and need to stop. So that over thing, running on with too much fluff, and time to be in other actions to get me hired and back qualified.

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