Reply To: Payments

 Sabrina Pratt


Andrew said he would pay last night 3/1/20.

Lesa is still unpaid and unwilling to declare anything around payment. She said, “I refuse to declare anything because if I did it would be delusional.” Lesa says she doesn’t have the money and seems very unwilling to get into a conversation around creating it. She reluctantly said she would talk to Nichole and her friend, David but also had a lot of story about how she couldn’t/wouldn’t be able to pay for AC again this month. She seems to be playing the “I will just quietly drift out of the program because I don’t have money like I do with everything’ game and I am ALL KINDS OF STUCK and in need of support! Please. I just get so stuck and then I back down and away from her SM like, “Yep, yep- totally get it” when really I see and hear all kinds of things and am being a total weenie with my bold reflections because I am judging her to not be in a space to be able to hear and take in what I would reflect.

Super open to all the support!!!

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