Reply To: Enrollment – LKT Module 4 Absence


Team! I have some exciting news to share! We have not one, but TWO leaders enrolled in coming to serve as my replacement and to play full out on our team during March Module.

Mick Carbo is currently in a powerful enrollment conversation with his DC Winter Team around what’s available for him, his team, us, the company – to be my replacement – and it’s pretty spectacular. While not yet complete, the process is fully empowered and Mick declares it flat by 2pm ET on Tuesday (tomorrow).

Lilly Georgieva is also enrolling her Seattle team around what she sees to be the one and I’m in relationship with her around it all, with a less concrete declaration from her, but which I declare will also be flat by tomorrow.

As we do with our guest accountabilities, I will bring you all my final enrollment with who I see as THE ONE for us by co-coaching tomorrow. Please let me know if you cannot align or need something around this.

I also want to share the behind the scenes of what I’m getting and circle back to the original enrollment, and my vision:

– rediculous self-enrollment, seeing my power show up every time I dare to create in the unknown. I’ve spoken with nine dLiTs or LiTs around the possibility, texted or emailed with countless more – and the conversations have been about living powerfully with this structure beneath us – also about sourcing my replacement, but I’ve completely created breakthroughs in support, relationship, intimacy, trust, power, and results by way of showing up complete and speaking possibility in conversations with AC team players across the company.

– time abundance. Before all those conversations I didn’t have time – for myself, for more clients, for my family, for our program, our team – I disproved that and I intend to live into that expanded time that is available. My time scarcity is on it’s head and I’ve filled my time with integrity items, quality time with my family, hiring convos (I’ve been hired in the last 7 days too!), and reg convos.

– Jeremy and I are creating the support community with need. We have a team of people we trust who will get the kids from point A to point B, who will sleep in our home, who will be the structure while he and I are creating the next level to work towards (this is when I start crying cause you guys, our team is working) over three days together in Orlando.

– I’ve re-invigorated my LiT process, and shared with Kerry my intention to be promoted to LiT by 3/30, while I continue to lean into the full vision of what’s available in my family and my business.

Grateful for all of you, and eager for whatever you all have for me – or whatever you want to share that this process / conversation is giving you.

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