Reply To: Support During Pregnancy

 Tiffany Turner

Britt, I’ll coach Nancy and Ryan these next two weeks.

Who will be The One for them on co-coaching? And be in partnership with me to share what’s so with both my participants?

J, thanks for bringing your voice and practicing what you declared. I see where you’re looking, and from bed, between tears, I may have very well written that post from control and manage. My intention, was something different, it was to be a demand for the support. My first swings were all requests, and now I’m in a place where I’m only out of bed an hour or two a day, so the support has shifted to be a demand. As I grow my muscles in being a demand, and in letting of control and manage, I’d love the continued reflections, because it wouldn’t be at all surprising if they showed up together, and I’d like to learn how to be a demand, outside of control and manage.

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