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 Sabrina Pratt

Robert is interested and is curious to know more about what will be expected of him on the call. He said it’s a crazy time of year but he’s interested. So- I feel Very confident offering Robert Stilts, CPA and Sabrina Pratt/new entrepreneurs financial cheerleader into the options!

I also spoke with Moises Muguira (my Edward Jones financial advisor) and Moises is AMAZING!!! He has such an amazing money and success story. He is Mexican-American and very involved in a lot locally. Today I called him literally for a mid day money pep talk. He was driving out of town and kept everything so flat and loving and encouraging. He’s incredible. He doesn’t meet all of our COS because a he’s not a CPA. He has his AAMS, which I just looked up:

What is an Accredited Asset Management Specialist?

Accredited Asset Management Specialist (AAMS) is a professional designation awarded by the College for Financial Planning (CFP) to financial professionals who successfully complete a self-study program, pass an exam, and agree to comply with a code of ethics.

Successful applicants earn the right to use the AAMS designation with their names for two years, which can improve job opportunities, professional reputation, and pay.

and here is the link to his bio:

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